Installation instruction:

The tiles are designed for indoor use. They can vary in size and/or tint because they are a natural product. Please check the tiles before installation. Lay the tiles within the 5-25°C ambient temperature range.


The surface has to be even, clean and dry. Prime it to ensure good adhesive bonding.Use a flexible adhesive designed for natural stone, white color for light-coloured tiles. Apply adhesive on both the target surface and the tile. Lay the tiles edge to edge, leaving no space for joints.Start the installation from the bottom row. Wait until adhesive sets before laying the next row to avoid subsidence.


Once finished, coat the tile surface with an impregnant designed for natural stone (see the instruction on the impregnant package).


Natural variation of the stone features (tint, structure or natural inclusion/discoloration which may appear with time) shall not be accepted as a legitimate basis for complaint. Follow good construction practices while installing the tiles.


The manufacturer shall not be responsible for any flaws or damage resulting from incorrect installation. Complaints concerning tile sizes and/or tint shall not be recognized once the tiles have been installed.