Trends Modern design responds to both needs and desires. It is light and friendly, naturally harmonising with users’ emotions. And these are changing. In contemporary interiors, the relaxation zone should be filled with earthy colours and natural additions, which have a calming down effect. The day zone may be full of more lively and energising colours. Minimalism and industrial style prevail alternatively. The triumph of glamour or boho style gives the opportunity to create unique interiors. We do not just monitor trends in Stegu. We have also been setting them for years. Our designers keep on working on new designs. In our wall linings production we follow the principles of good design, which should be beautiful, useful, durable, user-friendly, comprehensible, focused on details and sometimes even hypnotising. Trends are created in response to emotions, the search for natural beauty. However, the knowledge of design and art is fundamental. Changing lifestyles and habits, development of technology clearly influence what we value and desire. A trend is not fashion. It is a direction based on good emotions, knowledge and application of appropriate materials and colours. It aims at usefulness, ergonomics and serving individuals. Good trends are those, which value functionality while promoting beautiful solutions. That is why modern design uses, among others, brick effect tiles, which look like real bricks but are easier to apply and cheaper. Bricks in a flat, which can also be applied without jointing, such as, for example, brick effect tiles Parma, Boston, Metro, Dublin (all brick effect tiles with joints) - certainly confirm that many customers require products which are simple to assemble. Stegu architectural tiles New York and Constructo offer functionality, cool elegance and sophistication of apartments in a Western metropolis. These tiles were named New York on purpose because the city’s heart - Manhattan - is regarded as the birthplace of the loft style. Architectural tiles ideally complement both modern and eclectic spaces. They suit the taste of creative persons. Seeing the timeless admiration of natural timber, Stegu created the Wood Collection, including such products as Pure, Cube, Pixel, Quadro. Interior designers, who value the richness of textures and patterns as well as natural materials from identified sources, use Wood Collection panels in combination with other products and additions, such as architectural tiles, architectural concrete or natural stone (which, in an appropriate form, has been an element of good trends).