Architectural tiles Stones collection of architectural tiles includes wall linings made of simple material, with great precision and innovative solutions. The raw, smooth texture of concrete with a porous structure emanates simple charm and can be used in minimalist and modern interiors. Concrete tiles are in a shade of grey. They are most often placed on the walls of living rooms, bedrooms and halls. Designers have been introducing concrete and concrete effect tiles also to kitchens and bathrooms. Concrete or gypsum tiles with concrete texture and characteristics can be a central element of arrangement, emphasising the austere atmosphere of an interior or a background for an expressive arrangement basing on textile additions or furniture in strong colours. Thanks to their simplicity and discreet elegance, Stones architectural tiles are excellent for minimalist, industrial, loft, modern and eclectic styles. Contemporary design is open to various experiments and connecting elements, which seemingly do not match. Precise cuts and simple, geometrical shapes of rectangle or diamond, make architectural tiles look aesthetically mature. The geometrical form of tiles allows for arranging various combinations. The tiles can be placed evenly and precisely side by side, creating a coherent whole, or in a seemingly random composition. Vertically, horizontally or even aslant. This depends on a designer’s and investor’s vision. Additionally, Tokyo Stones architectural tile is extremely practical, thanks to innovative solutions. Concrete architectural tiles often put too much load on a wall, which prevents placing them on large surfaces. This is a problem and the reason why Stones offers a solution to investor’s needs. Large architectural tiles Tokyo are made of gypsum with raw concrete structure, therefore they are much lighter than concrete. This makes the assembly much easier, on large areas, in particular. Steel, concrete, glass and wood are very popular decor elements, in the styles which favour simplicity and functionality of interiors, in particular. Usable objects are simultaneously ornaments; therefore space is well managed, without unnecessary additions. Architectural tiles offer a simple and fast solution for creating original ornamentation. Raw concrete structure will emphasise the loft or industrial character of an interior, adding a modernist look. Concrete matches with white walls, uncovered electric installations or additions made of aluminium, metal, timber and plastic. Additional benefits of architectural tiles are easy assembly and durability. The practical aspect of keeping tiles clean is also important. Tokyo Stones architectural tiles are covered with a hydrophobic coating, so they can be cleaned and remain stain- and discolouration-free. Diamante concrete architectural tiles have a unique diamond shape with an interesting and precise contour presenting a three-dimensional effect. Diamante is a special product in Stones Collection, giving opportunity for creative arrangements. This tile can be placed all over a wall or serve as an interestingly shaped element of decor. Stones architectural tiles inspire impressive arrangements, which go beyond rigid frames.