Decorative tiles Collections of decorative stone Stones will give a unique character and climate to any interior and facade. Using decorative stone in a form of brick tiles in an appropriate manner will give your interiors a truly original look. It will also build a warm and cosy atmosphere, create a remarkable decoration of modern interiors. The facade stone is the perfect solution for single and multifamily houses and other buildings. Besides additional thermal insulation, facade tiles from the Stones collection, give a sense of durability and solidity. The collection of decorative stone refers to the natural environment and creates interesting compositions inspired by the beauty of nature. Merapi and Mayon decorative tiles refer with their structure to manually split sandstone. Pinatubo is a decorative stone imitating limestone found in the Sinai Peninsula, and Lascar - the original volcanic stone. Ineria is designed under the influence of the charm of Indonesian islands, while Gahano evokes a warm climate of the Greek province.