Concrete architectural tile Diamante from Stones collection is distinguished by its rhombus shape and a decorative cut, giving it a three-dimensional effect. Diamante not only means diamond, but it is also the name of Italian artistic town. In Diamante the facades are covered with paintings. Wordplay leading to this associations is a kind of inspiration.


The wall in our home can be a space devoted to art and imagination. Architectural tiles Diamante can be installed on the entire wall, just like puzzles, giving it an interesting 3D effect. Except for that, Diamante can be installed as single pieces, randomly placed on a wall or patterned as a contemporary wall decor. Tiles arranged evenly (one by one) create modern spaces.


Concrete architectural tiles Diamante are resistant to stains and damage. Their neutral, grey color perfectly matches the interiors in industrial, modern or eclectic style.


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